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line that's on while engine cranking?

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  • line that's on while engine cranking?

    hello, I hacked a relay into to my power button on my laptop but while testing it I noticed the ACC cable doesn't have power when the car is cranking.

    the means as the turn the car on I go past ACC and the ON position which closes the relay, starting the computer. then the engine cranks which opens the relay (computer still starting) then the key goes back to the on position which closes the relay again causing the computer to shut down again.

    do you guys hook up your carputers without this problem?


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    Get a time delay relay and set it for about 5 seconds.
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      you can hook it up to the IGN wire on the key. that will be on while cranking.


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        I was toying around with things and noticed the passenger airbag disabled light comes on for about 2-3 seconds after the car is started. it's illegal to have anyone under the age of 12 in the front seat around here because of the airbag risk anyways so I think I will tap into that line is disable that annoying bulb at the same time

        thanks for your help! The 5 second delay would be ideal so it would work with acc instead of having to start the car before turning it off to acc but I think I will wait on that option

        thanks again!