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XTroniC - How long to reply / ship goods?

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  • XTroniC - How long to reply / ship goods?

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea on how long it would normally take XTroniC to ship, or at the very least reply to emails?

    I slapped down $240AUD on a radio plus cables and aerial adapters, and that was a week ago now. Plus the email I sent regarding an ETA on either the product being available, or shipped at the very least hasn't had a reply.

    Just getting worried at the lack of response, especially for an online store. At least with a physical shop I can go down there (And get physical if needed!!)

    So does anyone know the go?

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    And just an update... got a reply last night, so about a week seems to be the answer!!


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      i wait over 2 months to wait for my amplifier to turn up. Never did

      Paypal got my money back in the end after a 2 week wait.

      Sort it out Guys !