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    just had a wild ride in the car pc world, for 2 weeks it was just a nightmare. it would start back up right after it tried to sleep, the motherboard would lose its time, the gps simply wouldnt work... and none of it was for any apparent reason. it was working fine one day, worked like crap the next. i thought it was clearly a motherboard or m2atx problem, it seemed like a hardware fault.

    it was so bad that i had to revert to full shutdowns every time.. even then it wasnt right but at least it was halfway working. thing is, a few days later the gps started working every time, everything was seemingly normal... so i enabled hibernation again. surprisingly, its fine. everything works now, perfectly. the only changes were a new bios battery (old one wasnt dead though) and rearranged the harddrive power connector to be less prone to flexing. the harddrive might have been the problem the whole time... but i really dont know.

    sucks honestly... i hate weird problems but at least its working. anyone else go through similar things? (im sure)