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BMW e90 replacement bluetooth pc handfree replacement

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  • BMW e90 replacement bluetooth pc handfree replacement

    I have a BMW e90 (2007) without the idrive system. I hate the lack of control over the stereo. It has speed controlled audio that you can turn down, but cannot disable, there are no mids, only highs or lows. I want to rip out the stereo and put in a carputer, but the only thing holding me back is the excellent bluetooth handsfree kit. Is there anything that comes close to the same in an aftermarket implementation? I want a stealth install where I don't have to talk into the steering wheel, in my car now, the passengers can talk and it is heard well on the other end.

    I also want to know if anyone has come up with aftermarket steering wheel controls? I want to control the pc with the stock Bmw steering wheel controls. Again I do not have the Idrive system, so does anyone have any suggestions?

    (please disregard my spelling or grammar errors, I'm typing this on my phone)


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    any ideas?


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      sorry, a great, realiable, bluetooth software option is seriously lacking in the carpc(i don't use it, and have never tried, but have read a couple of threads on poor they are how to improve computer bluetooth driver stacks.)

      for aftermarket steering wheel controls, you should be able to use something like a fusion brain to send the button signals into the computer.
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