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connector 8awg to 16awg??

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  • connector 8awg to 16awg??

    Morning and Happy New Year to all,

    Just wondering how mp3car members have connected 8awg to 16awg?

    I have an 8awg from a fused distribution block, near the battery, to the boot. The VoomPC-2 enclosure has a premolded connector 16awg and I have to connect the 8awg to the 16awg. Soldering a big blob seems a bit 'gash' and would take quite a while to get the necessary heat for solder flow (and probably melt cable insulation).

    Any connectors available? I have searched on google with little joy, but sometimes you just need the correct term........hence the question.

    Many thanks,
    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    that is a large difference in size, and most terminal blocks will only support one or the other...

    i really think that the best way would be to tin both cables first, and then solder them toegether-- i have done it, and 8 ga takes a while to tin, but it can be done, and is better than any crimp/terminal block that would adapt it, or trying to solder them together, untinned, at the same time.
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      A 100 watt soldering gun would be best for tinning the 8 ga


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        Hoping for a connector really. There seems to be 4awg to 8awg but nothing lower........

        Else it'll stay 'as is' for now.

        Thanks guys
        Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.


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          You could crimp ring terminals on each wire and then screw the ring terminals together and heatshrink/tape it.

          You could also probably use spade terminals.
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            Soldering will conduct the best, but connectors are always more convenient. Soldering is rarely used on heavy gauge wire in auto or home wiring though. Usually crimp or screw terminals work fine.

            My suggestion would be 4.5mm gold bullet connectors for RC brushless motors. Solder type It's easy to get a solid solder with smaller wires and takes less heat than soldering 2 wires together. Next would be crimp bullets. You might be able to get away with 8-12 awg butt-splice if you crimp it down hard on the 16.

            Oh and don't worry about size difference. You can always clip strands off the larger cable because you're reducing anyway, so all you really need is 16 to 16.