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  • plexapp or such

    Just came across this today.
    OK, probably old news and not compatible with a carpc due to screen display.

    FYI: I have not downloaded nor have used this but ...

    So what's my take?

    It's scriptable via python and it's themeable.

    So what?

    OK, nothing much to the casual glance or drive-by but ... I'm thinking that maybe something is missing from the this carpc equation that keeps bugging me.

    Why doesn't somebody just fork/port that system (IF it's gpl/open source) or even better yet, just ask them to join the fun.

    Let's face an app like plexapp or another open source project is coding for their pleasure much like anybody that enjoys it for the pure simple selfish pleasure of pleasing oneself. (nothing wrong with that though )

    So, what I'm seeing is that FE developers here should start a conversation with plexapp or other app.

    Just imagine all the work that for the music/video side could be outsourced while the car side could be done here.

    problem is ... is there anybody here that wants to go out where the wild things are?

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    Plex is based on XBMC, and I'm surprised that more people on here aren't using them in their cars. I really enjoy the interface for it (the visualizations are fantastic), and think it will work very well with my steering wheel controls once I get them reconnected (arrow keys and enter is about all you need). I've already written a control interface in Python to control my HD Radio directly from XBMC, and I've been quite happy with it thus far.