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    i have a 1998 toyota 4runner.
    I am putting a whole system into it, and opened up the center **** (where the AC, headunit, clock) is to put in a new headunit, started unplugging things trying to hook this new headunit up to my truck and now the blinkers dont work and my dashboard light wont go on????//
    i checked all the fuses and everything is good on that part, WTF is going on???
    I am a super newb to all this car stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated..

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    did you disconnect the plug to the emergency flasher? Doing that in my car disables my turn signal lights and intrument panel lights for whatever reason.

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      Ditto. Check your flasher unit or take a look to see if you somehow blew the fuse for your blinkers or dash lights or accidentally unplugged them somehow.
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        i know i unplugged everything, and i know i unplugged the flashers so i think that is the reason why the blinkers are out. all the fuses are good.