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Mo-Co-So Case: Can you fit a non-M2 power supply in there?

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  • Mo-Co-So Case: Can you fit a non-M2 power supply in there?

    I have the mini-itx carpc case made by Mobile Computing Solutions (MoCoSo) and currently have an M2-ATX. Really would like to switch to a different PSU because the M2 sucks. Not only are my 5V rails too low (cant power a 2.5" ext drive) but I get engine noise through the speakers before my soundcard is initialized.

    So just wondering if anyone had any luck fitting other PSUs into this case? Maybe like the OPUS 150, or etc...

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    You'll have to flex your fabrication muscles for anything that isn't the same formfactor as the M2. Some of the wider PSUs like the DSATX or M4 could be problematic.
    An Opus 150 has two boards in a T shape as I recall. I'd think that would be right out.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      If you E-mail them they'll respond back. Be specific with what PSU you want to use, and they'll let you know what cases will work best for you.
      FAQ to the FAQ - Great Starting Point

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        i too suggest emailing them. Mo-co-so is a great company with top notch service. I would guess the m3 could be made to work, but the m4/dsatx would take some serious fabrication to work. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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