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DSP Amps (NXS NX200.2) or External Processor

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  • DSP Amps (NXS NX200.2) or External Processor

    Basically im in two minds as to whether to get an external DAC and MS-8 processor plus Audison LRx amps or external DAC and the NXS NX200/400 DSP Amps with proccessing software.

    Im obviously sending a 2 channel signal from my dac so I need some extra controls to control the individual volumes of each amps seperate left and right channel. The Ms-8 can split the signal to the individual amps and I believe it has an external screen for adjustments, the NXS dsp amps have external pc software than enables you to control all parameters, crossovers e.t.c

    Id like to know anyone of your opinions on the DSP amp first if you have heard them because im unsure of the NXS amp quality compared to the highly regarded Audison one. The Ms-8 and Amps will cost around 1200 ($1800) where as the DSP amps + usb controller will cost 700 ($1050)

    Thanks in advanced,