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    ok, i've been doing some research on linux and the different Linux OS/distros out there. So far this is what i've learned:

    1. Fast boot time (i think)
    2. After you install Linux you have to install a distro to have a GUI OS
    3. Linux is free but I may have to pay for the distro
    4. Winamp doesn't work under linux

    Ok finding the linux kernal is easy. But which OS would a carputer use. All i want is mp3 dvd/divx and (maybe) an emulation machine. More importantly I want the fastest boot time.

    I am a current Windows 2000 user. It takes forever to boot windows and after booting it takes more time for startup programs to load (i'm talking about the smallest footprint). But it takes my cellphone (samsung n400) less than 7 seconds to boot its OS.

    Anyways, which Linux OS should i choose. I kinda dont want Lindows cuz you have to pay for each induvidual software, and subscribe to download. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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    go with RedHat 9 seen as you obviously haven't ran it before, very easy to setup and use. you could use Mandrake also, I guess that it is easy also.

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      no i have never used any linux software. I'll give it a try.

      Is there a mobile OS
      Falcon cr53 w/ via epia m10000. Nokia 3650 blutooth phone.
      Better than winamp. Click here for qcd player.


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        1. Fast boot: yes, but you should do some tweaking. If you just do a standard redhat or mandrake install you end up with a lot of services running you actually don't want.

        2. First install linux and then a distro: No, you will always have to install a distro. To get an GUI you must also install XFree (that's what most distros will automatically do)

        3. Paying: No, plenty of distros are free to download. Lindows is not free, it sucks. Normally you will pay only for the CD's, manuals and support if you buy it.

        4. No Winamp: As said before, XMMS is a perfect alternative.

        In my case I made my own "distro" it is only 7 MB and based on slackware 8.2. But it is without an GUI (I have an HD44870 charater display connected to the parallel port) and highly customized, which makes it pretty useless for other people......unless you know linux pretty well.

        Here is a site with that reviews distros:

        On my home computer I use Slackware 9.0. And Windows XP for the games only
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