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What is the "remote" in a carpc?

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  • What is the "remote" in a carpc?

    Hey, so i've got a quick question. What do you guys use as your "remote" wire to turn your amp's on. In other words, in a typical HU, there is a blue wire that tells the amps to turn on, but in a carPC what component would have the remote wire?

    I am using an m4atx, if that helps?

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    For the m4-atx you use jumper J6 for the anti-thump.
    If you have lost your instruction sheet, you can see the online manual from minibox
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      And in a wierd twist, you only use one pin of the J6, so make sure you get the right polarity!

      If your amp only has the one wire for remote, then you have to make sure you use the +ve wire from jumper j6, don't try to twist them together or anything.

      Very odd design choice, I am yet to see any amp which would make use of -ve and +ve connections, unless it is so you can do things like run a status LED or something off that jumper instead of an amp.

      But make sure you get the right polarity on it.


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        would like to spread this:


        A.K.A. solid state relay

        never had an issue with my m2


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          In regards to having 2 wires for the remote, yes that is correct. The one closer to the edge of the PCB board is ground, and the one on the inner side is positive. So you'd be using the positive.

          Thanks guys.. And that pic.. i'm lost? lol