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New MP3 Car. MPr3lude!

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  • New MP3 Car. MPr3lude!

    Hi, from a long time reader (first time poster).

    I have just bought a '92 model Honda Prelude. I was wondering if anyone had attempted a PC installation in this model before? I would like to attempt this in the near future.

    Any tips you might have on what equipment is good/bad would be appreciated.

    At the moment the car has the bog standard stereo with an alpine 6stacker cd in the boot. I want to get away with an inexpensive install with computer parts I have around the house.

    Click here for a picture of the dash of a 4th generation prelude.

    I plan on installing an lcd monitor in the dash as part of the "star wars dash". This way it will be invisible untill the pc system is powered up. It will be behind the clear piece on the dash.

    Pic of the car.

    I am looking for a system that plays MP3, and will be able to play dvd/div-x movies. I am looking at a windows based system.


    1. Computer and subwoofer have to be able to be taken out of the car easily. By this I mean, If I decide I want to go shopping for larger items and I need more boot space, the sub and pc must be able to be quickly taken out and put in the garage.

    2. The computer and sub have to take up as little boot space as possible. Unfortunately preludes dont have a lot of boot space as it is, and to avoid restriction 1. as much as possible, this is a must.

    3. Cant use spare tyre. I like my spare, and I dont plan on taking it out for the sake of a stereo.

    Well... That's about all so far. Thanks for reading my little rant. Any experiences you guys can share with me I would greatly appreciate. I'm really looking forward to setting this up.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Board member LESLIEx317537 has your car, search his threads for ideas.
    - 3+ years & still no carputer!
    - Done collecting parts
    - Currently planning setup