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Amp9 sound issues.

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  • Amp9 sound issues.

    I am attempting to diagnose sound issues with the carputer and the amp9 kit.

    When the amp9 is hooked up to the motherboard, it will make strange staticky noises which seem to be consistent with the processor or something related, because it will make noise consistent with me moving my mouse and typing.

    When the amp9 is hooked up to another source (like my laptop), it does not have this issue. The sound is clean. Also, when I hook up regular speakers to the carputer's motherboard, the sound is also clean.

    I would say that it's unshielded RF interference, but the amp9's sound is clean when hooked up to the laptop. I would also say it's unique to the motherboard, but when I hook up PC speakers the sound is clean. So the problem only exists when the amp9 and the motherboard are connected to each other.

    The only thing I can think is some possible ground loop problem? FYI, I have this hooked up in my house, not the car, so I'm certain it's nothing in the car.

    What else could I be overlooking? And what possible solutions are there?
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    i seem to remember something about certain motherboards require more/better grounding on them to prevent issues like this-- ie: all the mo. bo. mounting points/ground connections should be grounded to the same source..
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