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Where to install a carpc in 06 jeep GC.

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  • Where to install a carpc in 06 jeep GC.

    As the title suggests, where do I install a CarPC in a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? Now under the passenger or drivers seat is out of the question because there to much electronics pack away under there, not much room visible under the rear passenger seat. So before I start removing panels in the rear compartment area, I'm wondering if anyone could tell me if there's enough room hidden away behind those.
    The case I'm looking at will either be a Voompc 2 or an m350 from mini box but it's gonna be difficult to have it hidden away out of sight.

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    Did you find a good spot in your jeep, im trying to install a carpc in my WK as well and want to find the best spot


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      I managed to fit the m350 case behind the plastic section in the rear right hand side of the vehicle. So to try and explain it better, in the plastic wall on the right hand side in the cargo area. Just under the window with the antenna in it is just enough room for the case.


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        I have learned after 30+ installs, the best place to put your set-up is inside the dash, both of my vehicles are like this, it puts them out of sight and you dont have to go to the expense of purchasing 15 foot wires. I would not advise the glove box like some members here have done, one of the first places a thief would look is there. My advice is take the dash apart and look for an empty spot by the firewall, it is a little more labor intensive however it will remedy any worries you have about theft. You will be amazed at all the space inside your dash, feel free to view my installs below, good luck!
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