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Carputer help, eonon display issue

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  • Carputer help, eonon display issue

    ok, i'm new to this forum, so hi

    alright, i drive an 05 dakota and i installed a carputer in it behind the dash. the unit itself works fine, i set up windows 7 on it and updated it and everything just fine, but i used my desktop PC monitor to do so. i have an eonon e1102 monitor (not the best, i know, but wanted to give it a whirl) that i initially hooked up to set things up. windows starts to boot which i can see, then it gets to the loading screen which i can also see, but as soon as windows itself loads up, i lose the signal and the screen turns off. while the carpc is still on, i can plug in my desktop monitor and see that windows is fully booted, but it still doesn't show up on my eonon screen.

    i contacted a user from another forum that has the same unit but he has had no issues with his. go figure...just me lol

    is it maybe a setting or something that i'm missing? thanks in advance for your help