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  • Digital ammmeter

    My mind is running again. Wondering how much current my new setup will run and how long my battery will last. So why not find an ADC and rig up a simple ammeter that I can feed in a serial or parallal port and measure my draw. Did a google for any circuits and am turning up empty! I didn't want to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel but I guess I might have to. Anyone recommend an ADC to start with. I'm wishing I hadn't sold my pic stuff. I'm thinking one of them had adc inputs.

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    why not just use a digital voltmeter module. if you know roughly the max amperage you cvan calculate the shunt resistor value to drive the module full scale ... piece of cake !!!

    put the resistor inline and the dvm across it.
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      I wish you people would speak english


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        I still have to find a simple digital voltmeter schematic