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    It looks like Parrot is trying to stay ahead of the curve as ususal:

    Wednesday, November 03, 2010 -- Parrot announced a number of new products at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and an increase in membership for its Certified Installer Program.

    Parrot’s latest hands-free connectivity technology is TextFriendly, the company’s new text-to-voice hands-free feature for select aftermarket-installed product lines. Parrot TextFriendly enables Parrot customers to have their emails/ text messages read to them and send emails/ texts by voice command, hands-free. The feature is available on Parrot MKi and CK product lines.

    Additionally, Parrot announced the U.S. debut of the Parrot Minikit Smart, a new Bluetooth hands-free kit with a docking bay designed for all Smartphones and navigation software, on Nov. 2. Parrot Minikit Smart, compatible with all navigation software available and all operating systems, is a docking bay that connects via Bluetooth and can simultaneously manage hands-free conversations and navigation applications.

    The company will also be demonstrating its latest OEM solution, the FC 6100 which adds Wi-Fi connectivity to the range of infotainment technologies currently available. Parrot’s latest OEM solution, the FC 6100 series, is built on the Android framework and introduces Wi-Fi connectivity to the whole vehicle allowing for new features such as mapping and POI services, Internet radio, navigation and more. Parrot’s software library including hands-free telephony, speaker independent voice recognition, media management and acoustics is also integrated into the FC 6100.
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    If Parrot could just make software for the car PC, I would be willing to PAY for it, provided it's halfway decent.
    Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

    Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
    - Edit skin to liking.
    - Get compatible phone for
    - Facilitate HVAC control.


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      Sorry...I know this isnt a super hot thread and its already kinda old....but just wanted to comment.

      I just got a Parrot MKi9100 kit. My car is a 2000 Jetta GLS. Let me tell you...never had something easier to install and work so well. Since my car already has ISO connectors for the radio, its literally 100% plug and play. No external power. No fiddling with wires. Just mount the screen, mic, and remote, hide the guts and go.

      SO far, it works wonderfully. Ive never had an aftermarket bluetooth solution work so well. Noise cancelling MICs make the difference I think. Even with my windows down driving 35-45mph the person on the other end hears me just fine. Also, the addition of the line in, USB, and iPod aux input cables is fantastic as I have music on both a USB stick and an MP3 player (non-ipod). And the iPhone 4 is in the running for my new phone choice so that'll work well.

      I just now today found out about the textfriendly stuff. I havent had a chance to try it yet. Im about to upgrade to a smartphone with internet in Im sorta holding off trying it. But I saw the speak/text function work in someone elses car. Seems to work great. The voice recognition is miles ahead of the last thing I owned that "recognized" voices.

      As for the car PC market...I still see this as a great add on. I know some folks were able to make their PC handle hands free phone stuff, but the last I read there were still some bugs here and there. With as compact and simple as the parrot kits seem to be, its almost worth it to just leave all the phone related stuff up to the kit. I was gung ho on building a PC just recetly. However between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha. Tho I know Ill still do it haha.


      EDIT: Just because I cant leave a thread that I jumped in on without closure..haha. I just tried to sign up for text friendly today. Some very dull sounding gentleman at Parrot promptly asked me if I knew it was a pay for service, and the code they give you is just a 30 day free trial. Sounds like its either 2.99 or 3.99 a month, and you can pay by the year to save money. Just a heads up... They're quite good at hiding that fact between the two websites...