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A/C Relocation Help 06 Sentra

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  • A/C Relocation Help 06 Sentra

    I am in the process of installing a double din head unit into my car (taking baby steps toward the carpc ultimate goal). The Sentra(01-06) isn't the friendliest when it comes to putting in double din hardware.

    Any-who, I got the unit installed and a fiberglass trim piece to go around it but now I have to figure out how to relocate the A/C controls into the single din cubby below. The controls are a little too big at 8in wide and 2.5in high so i would have to trim it down some but the problem is that it is using cables to control the temp and vent selection.

    The best solution I can think of is to try and convert the knobs into potentiometers and use a micro controller to control servos that would adjust the cables, has anyone else done this or know of a better solution? I'm not sure if there are specific things i need to look for in a servo to do this I know it will have to have enough torque to move pull/push the cable but I don't even know where to start with that.

    Below is what I have done so far, I want to move those ac controls down to the lower cubby. I'm not afraid to do some modification.

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      may have found a simple solution, I have just trimmed down the ac controls with a dremel and had to do a little cutting on a few other things will post pics soon for any interested parties