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my reliable carpc experience

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  • my reliable carpc experience

    i was thinking about this yesterday on my way up to fry's-- and then my carpc just shut off...(after reslotting the 24 pin connector, it came back to life).. there is always threads on why carpc's don't work, mess up, etc, etc...

    anyways, i think it is time for a positive thread!

    the last time i updated the hardware in my carpc was in feb 2010. since then my car pc has been reliably plugging along(up until yesterday)...

    granted, there is always things i would like to work on-- my audio processing isn't perfect, and i need to tweak the tweeters eq, the bootup time, usually under 30 seconds, still is never as fast i desire(instant on).

    since starting this carpc idea, i have toasted 2-2.5", 7200 rpm drives(vibration issue due to mounting them on a sheet of plexiglass), replaced my platter drives with a 160gb ssd--platter drives getting re-used as external hdd's, and have swapped out a d945 motherboard with a zotac 9300 due only to lack of power from the atom processor. the 945 is serving as a home pc, and is still doing fine..

    overall, i have been very happy with my carpc-- it does everything i need it to, and is capable of even more!
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    Other than initial teething issues Ive not had a single hardware related problem with my setup. Starts up on its own, comes up, drive off, turn car off, shuts-down. IMO far more reliable than most head-units Ive had in the past, and/or installed.

    Plan on an HDTV usb adapter shortly, while craptacular as I understand it rolling down the road, should be good for when Im just sitting somewhere for a bit to drink my coffee and watch a bit of something and the like. I get all I could really ask for options wise, with the ability to do a hell of a lot more, and its been rock solid.
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      I cannot remember the last time I had to 'fix' anything related to my install. It has been at least years. It is simple set up and has been very stable.
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