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Updated Driver for (discontinued) MP3Car XM to USB Adapter?

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  • Updated Driver for (discontinued) MP3Car XM to USB Adapter?

    I posted the following in the store subforum, but it is a moderated forum, so I decided I would post here, as well, while waiting for my post to be approved by a mod.

    I had this XM to USB adapter in my old carPC. As you can see, there is alink to a set of drivers on that product page. However, those drivers are old, and Win XP based.

    I built a new carPC, running Win 7 (32 bit edition) and tried to use those drivers. No luck, they are no good for Win 7.

    Any one have any idea if there are any new drivers around?

    As far as I can tell, the adapter is a FTDI based serial to USB adapter; I tried some of the drivers from FTDI's site; no luck there, but I may not have been getting the right ones. Any advice would be great, whether from the store, or from someone on the forum.
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