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Heated Seat for the Game Room

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  • Heated Seat for the Game Room

    Hopefully this is the right section, this is an odd request but you guys know your stuff. I have a driver/passenger seats from a late model mercury with the heated seat modules, im missing the switches for the heated seats. I really would like to put these in my game room so when guests come over you can sit back watch the game or play some ps3. They are really comfy and suprisingly, dont look out of place in the man cave. Which leads to my question..

    Is there a transformer I can use to convert 120v to 12v DC? Which would be the correct mA rating to use? Im sure if I had that figured, I can get these to work. Thanks.

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    You need to know how much amperage that those seats pull. You might want to try a forum dedicated to Ford/Mercury and whatever specific model car you have, as there will be someone in there that will be able to help you.
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      You will be looking at 10-20 Amps at 12 volts, no need to use DC, AC is fine too.

      I would advice you to look at a service handbook for that particularly vehicle and see what the size of fuse for the seat heaters are rated.

      The cheapest way to power the heated seats would be to use a transformer for halogen lighting (iron-core or electronic, don't matter as long as the wattage is high enough)

      // Per.