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  • Looking to go headless

    For about 3 years now, I've had a Pioneer Avic F700BT double din nav unit in my daily driver 1997 Mustang.

    It was a pretty nice deck, I had it running a hacked firmware (f3.1 off which got rid of all the nany screens and fully bypassed everything but for the past year the bluetooth in it got flaky, requiring a manual off/on cycle of the bluetooth to get it to work, which because of the ****ty interface required 5 steps to get into in order to get my phone to sync up again. It wasn't the phones problem as I have another Avic F700BT in my truck and my phone sync's up perfectly every time I drive it.
    anyways, so I sold that and I'm looking to replace it with a headunit free solution if possible.

    I have a double din opening in my car, and I'd love to fill that with a touchscreen that can not only duplicate the screen of my iphone 3gs, but also control it. My phone is jailbroken and on 4.0 firmware if it matters for getting an app to do what I want.

    I've been searching around, and there seems to be good stuff on this here.

    my car speakers are amp'd, so I figure with a $50 clarion EQ that has 7 channel 7 volt pre-outs, an aux-input, and a volume control, plus a bluetooth receiver and a touchscreen I should be able to accomplish what I want. I'm having trouble finding the right touchscreen and bluetooth receiver, I'd like a clean looking double din screen and a bluetooth receiver that has A2DP stereo streaming and charges itself, I don't want something like a visor mounted speakerphone that has to be charged every few days.

    Can anyone recommend a double din sized touchscreen (multitouch?!), iphone control app, bluetooth receiver, and EQ?

    Also looking for ideas of ways to dock the iphone in my car, so when I get in I can just drop it into a slot and have it charge/controlled by the touch screen

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    hmm no replies, let's try adding some links to the products I'm considering using -
    I really want to like this, but I hate how it looks.

    What I ideally want, is something I can mount into my dash to drop my phone/ipod into a 30pin connector, that will grab the audio out via line-out to the EQ's aux-input, and charge the device at the same time, with ability to swivle landscape/portrait so depending on the app I'm using I can get the best layout.
    I don't want the adjustable arm deal, I'd like to clip it into the gap between my radio bezel and the soft part of my dash.
    I have a 12v outlet inside of my armrest so I can just plug this in there, and run the aux-in lead to the EQ under the console out of site.



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      I got it all setup.

      steering wheel controls

      clarion EQ with 2 inputs/switch on front, 7 channel adjustment + sub level and master volume, 7 volt pre-out

      turn by turn nav with pandora still playing in the background, my iphone is mounted in a kensington dock that swivles and charges the phone, plus has the line-out adapter straight into the EQ and the steering wheel controls for music control.
      This is navigon, it has live traffic, I also have the garmin and tom-tom nav apps to try out, so far I like the navigon best.

      found an old single din pocket to help fill the hole temporarily.

      I'm currently working on a face plate for the hole now, but otherwise the system works -awesome-

      sounds way better than my old setup, bluetooth works great (the big button looking thing on the dash is the bluetooth mic / control button).

      no more stereo in this car for me, I would love to have a screen in the dash opening linked to the phone, but touch screens that control the iphone/ipod aren't easily available yet.


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        Made a filler plate -

        this pic shows how it will look in my car 99% of the time. I'm only going to use the dock on longer drives. With the belkin bluetooth (button/mic on the dash) when I get in all I have to do is start the car, hit that button and my pandora resumes playback. I'm really happy with it.