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  • To amp or not to amp...

    I have a little bit of a dilemma. I wanted to upgrade to Infinity perfect 6.1 component speakers for my front stage, however, apparently the manufacturer recommends you power them with 100W (RMS). My head unit, Pioneer DEH-P6400 can only put out 22W RMS. This leads me to believe that my head unit will not be nearly enough to power these things at reasonable volume levels. So, it would seem that I need to get an amp. The problem is, 100Wx4 amplifiers are not cheap. I suppose I could get away with purchasing a 100Wx2 amplifier, but if I do this, I'm going to ditch my head unit, so I'll lose my rear fill speakers then.

    Has anyone here purchased component speakers that required a lot of power? What did you do? Would 22W be enough for the Infinity Perfect 6.1? Here is a link

    Or, can anyone make a recommendation for a good set of 6" components that will only cost me up to $200 on e-bay.

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    you'll be fine with the head unit power. The reason why component speakers require lots of power is b/c they're not as sensitive as coaxal speakers. The inf perfect you want has 90db sensitivity which is pretty good. Some component speakers have low sensitivity like 83 or 84db. That means it requires 4 times the power to produce the same loudness as those infinity perfect. If youre not sure about adding an amp, you can hook it up to the head unit. If it's not as loud as the original speakers then add an amp. Don't worry about the 2 ch amp over powering the inf speakers and drowning out the rear speakers. You can always adjust the gain on the amp to even out with the rear speakers.
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      but if I do this, I'm going to ditch my head unit, so I'll lose my rear fill speakers then.
      why would you do that?
      I'd get a 2xsomething amp for the rear, and front driven by the hu
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        Well see, my original concern was my head unit would not be enough to power the component speakers. So then I thought, I'll get a multi channel amp. But then, I don't have tons of money, so I would have to sell my head unit to purchase the amp. Plus, if I'm going to have a multi channel amp, I may as well run my computer right into it and eliminate the need for a head unit since I don't care about playing CDs or radio anyway.


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          Thats what I did, eliminated my HU no regrets whatsoever.
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