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Remote Controlled Head Unit?

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  • Remote Controlled Head Unit?

    Hi, New to the forum and site, but have been getting good ideas from here for awhile.
    Finally, modern car stereo head units give me everything I want, mp3 capability, built-in XM and a USB port, with the ability to provide me a menu to play from a storage device.
    Now that has happened, my scope has changed.
    I have a classic truck with a perfect, un-cut dash and I just can't bring myself to cut it up, even nicely for a DIN install. Because when it's cut, it cannot be fixed properly again.
    So now I have gotten my mind going about a remote controlled head unit.
    Perfect solution would be a glove-box mounted head unit (CD player, USB port, XM radio input and controller) and some kind of wired remote control.
    I need the RC to have the ability to control everything with the HU.
    So, my closest fix is making a patch cord for a removable faceplate and locating that where I need it.
    My dream option would be being able to control the head unit and acc. via an iPod Touch thru a USB cable! But that is probably just a dream.
    I don;t want to build a carpc, a modern HU will do everything I need and more.

    Anybody seen or heard of something like this?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Just get a headunit with iPod integration, you can control it from your Touch.
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      Re: Remote Controlled Head Unit?

      That's what i haven't been able to find any information about, controlling the stereo from the iPod. If iPod integration will do it, will it do it for all iPod integrateable HUs? I sometimes want too much, but I really want total control of the HU by the iPod. I want to control the USB port and see, on the iPod, the folders of songs from the USB input, I want to control the XM radio and see what station I am tuned into. I want the HU to be fully hidden away with only a USB cable or AUX input cable connecting to the iPod. What I don't care about is any other iPod functions, I do not use iTunes and never will, so I don;t need to play any music, videos, etc from the the iPod to the HU. I just want the iPod as a touch-screen, wired remote-controller for an HU. Does this make sense?

      Thanks for the reply, Maheriano!
      I will check into the depth of intergration the major car stereo makers allow.

      The funniest thing is that I want to intergrate this sytem into a 1968 Chevrolet truck, which I bought with exact purpose of being absolutely simple and analog. It has the 6-cyl. engine, points ignition, carb and a manual transmission. It's as basic as it can get, but then I want to install a super-comlicated car stereo into it. That's the definition of sarcasm!


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        i'm not aware of a deck that allows for control through a external device like a ipod..

        relocating the faceplate might be the best option for you(there are a couple of threads about it in this car audio section)

        otherwise, there are remote displays available for some decks:
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