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Google Maps Navigation to have offline mode this summer

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  • Google Maps Navigation to have offline mode this summer

    hopefully this will be a great step into "caching" google maps navigation soon, possibly used on car pcs somehow?! and they are providing it free!

    Google Maps Navigation to go offline this summer? Garmin and TomTom on notice
    By Terrence O'Brien posted Jun 8th 2011 1:26PM
    Google Maps
    Dutch tech site All About Phones claims that Google Maps Navigation will get a true offline mode later this summer. In December the Android app received an update that cached routes and the surrounding areas, but without a data connection you still couldn't enter a new destination. A source inside the Dutch telco industry said that Goog would removing the requirement for coverage -- an obvious next step for the nav tool, especially with Ovi Maps bringing its turn-by-turn prowess to WP7. The move is also bound to be another thorn in the side of standalone GPS makers like Garmin and TomTom. After all, it's tough to compete with free.