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    Just wondering what are all the components i need to setup my complete mp3car system? and around how much should it cost? Heres basically what i want to do.....

    Play mp3's
    play dvd's
    need a screen (possibly touchscreen)
    possibly a drop down screen from the dome
    possibly navigation

    now what do i need to make it happen and how much will it cost? any help will be appreciated..i know newbie question, but i searched and couldnt find what i was looking for. plus theres no newbie section to ask dumb questions like this, but maybe some forum enthusiasts can hook it up with some info.


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    Sounds like you want to do what most of the people here are doing.

    Easiest way is to break down all the functions that you're after, and research them seperately. When I first started, I read as much as I could here as a starting point, so maybe that might be a better beginning than searching in the first instance.

    The reason that there is no newbie section is cause everyone is different, and no one here seems to be able to agree on what a newbie setup is. For example, I was a newbie here a year ago - now, I have my system up and running - although I have no idea when I stopped being a newbie! As everyone is coming from a different skill base, it's a little hard to define. Some people come from the car audio world, others have been building PC's since AT machines were invented.

    All I can suggest to help is to read as much as you can, and then focus your questions on specific areas.

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