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need help in finding a solution---(in car video)

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  • need help in finding a solution---(in car video)

    Ive searched everywhere....I cant find what Im looking for.(perhaps Im not asking the right questions).

    So I just installed a 15" monitor/dvd player in my car for the kids. The monitor accepts AV inputs but can only play .VOB(dvd files) from the DVD. Its not a media player.

    I have an extensive media collection at home on my hd. Home movies,pic,vids.....many different formats. AVI's, jpeg, mp4's.

    I want some type of inexpesive media playing device that i can plug into back of my monitor and access all my media. Ideally something that will accept an SD card and be powered through the USB.

    Something short of a full blown car PC...

    any suggestions?

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    The easiest thing would be an video ipod or other media player with a video output already designed for this purpose.
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      i found this in a quick search, and i know that there are tons of different units that do the same thing--all you would need is a usb thumb drive for a couple movies:

      you would need a 5v power adapter for the car, but otherwise, it should be able to play nearly all video formats.
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        Im not a big Apple fan.....I dont own Ipad/Ipod ect. Forgive my ignorance...but can a video ipod play different media type? I want to avoid converting from one type of media , say .mkv file to another like .mov or whatever.

        ideally Id like a device with VLC player embedded (plays almost everything). A few year ago I use to use WD TV Live at home. I would like something like that for the car. A device that can play most media files without conversion.

        Im thinking now...perhaps I will try to hardwire the WD TV into the car....

        Nice call Soundman....that looks to be the trick!!! Ill have the same issue of trying to find the right power supply as i would with the WD tv i have...
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          double check around here-- i believe there are a couple threads about powering a WD TV somewhere(i remember a brief discussion about it at one point)

          as for powering everything, it is should be pretty easy. the easiest method is to order the device, and find out what type of power adapter it has, and it's power consumption, and then just search for "*v *-mA car power adapter" on ebay...
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          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
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            Try that, I had something similar..different brand though a long time ago and it worked great. There are more out there but check that one out
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