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  • Zotac ZBOX Nano E350

    Well 3 days after ordering it, IT'S HERE!!!
    Had a quick look under the hood and it seems to be very well thought out!
    Hopefully get it booted up later tonight and post some pictures.

    Ok didn't quite get around to getting it booted but I did do a quick teardown and reassembly to check out the guts
    The box! Booring..

    Ok so pulled the bottom off, you can see the 4gb of ram I got with it and the spot for the hard drive.

    It seems to rely on the connector for it's main support and the other end is supported by the metal bracket. Not perfect for the car I think it would soon weaken the connector. Will either make up a decent bracket to hold the hdd by the standard 4 mounts or will get some extension cables and mount it remotely. You can also sort of see how they back plate is separate from the sides and front and with 4 screws comes out (two of which hold the motherboard down) undid the other two motherboard screws and with the back off slid the motherboard out:

    Red and black lead on right powers the glowing ring on the case grey lead also goes to lid of case which is the second aerial for the wifi in addition to the standard antenna out the back.

    This is what I really wanted to check out. The header on the right has options for switches and lights, hopefully make it easier to turn on. The header on the left between the audio connectors was not fully labelled sadly but looks suspiciously like a standard audio header.

    Will post some more thoughts once I get it booting (it is back in one piece in it's standard form again now) and then tear it down properly to see how it will go in my dash.
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    Well I was planning on using it as a review once I had actually reviewed it.......... But as I have not got a hard drive in it yet not much to review..

    Was going to link this post to another thread but didn't realise I still had to go through the moderation process for some things.....


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      Originally posted by stretch4x4 View Post

      Was going to link this post to another thread but didn't realise I still had to go through the moderation process for some things.....

      Everyone is moderated for the Review Palace, except for Admins, Mods or anyone who has already done an acceptable review.

      This is to keep it to just Reviews and not questions.


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        Ahhh righto makes more sense. I thought I had got past the review stage.

        Anyway I pulled my finger out and put up some images and initial thoughts. Will get more detailed as I have time.



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          Originally posted by stretch4x4 View Post
          Well I was planning on using it as a review once I had actually reviewed it.......... But as I have not got a hard drive in it yet not much to review..

          Was going to link this post to another thread but didn't realise I still had to go through the moderation process for some things.....
          Very much looking forward to getting a great review once you have around with this system some. Once you are ready to do your final review, post in review palace and i'll make sure it gets approved (send me a PM and i'll approve it right away)
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            Cheers, started shuffling some stuff around some files to free up an ssd. Hopefully finish that tomorrow and get some more information coming and some better pics.. Half the ones I took last night were terrible


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              Ok so finally got all my crap off my spare hard drive and got it installed
              The drive is a 60gb GSkill SSD not super fast but better than nothing. Installed Windows 7 pro 32bit, firefox, avast and steam to give it a few things to load on boot.
              From pushing the button it was through the Bios in 7 seconds!
              By 30 seconds I could see the windows desktop and by 46 seconds it had loaded steam login, connected to my wifi and loaded a web page in firefox.

              Not bad if you ask me! That is with no other tweaks at all, I am sure if you removed a few unnecessary services and streamlined it you could get it quicker.
              The only thing I have noticed is a bit of a pop when turning on and off through my stereo that I connected it to. Will have to play and see if I can fix that.. Although probably not an issue as most of the time you need to delay the amps anyway due to thump and it has an on board speaker for diagnostics.

              Going to install Portal 2 for fun later this afternoon


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                Soooooooooo, it's been nearly a month now, any updates. How is it runnung? How are you powering it? Does it get hot? Where do you have it set up? What are you running on it?


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                  Haha I was just thinking of this thread this morning..
                  Completed Portal 2 Ran pretty smoothly, had it on the desk near me and the fan was running at least 50% of the time but was never annoying enough for me to want to move it. At this stage still using the 240V brick to power it as I don't have a monitor for the car yet so no real way to test in the car however I have ordered a carnetix so will test that out when it arrives most likely.
                  Plan is to put it in the dash but have a bit of work to go before I get there.

                  Any other questions or testing let me know just remember it will be a bit before I actually get it in the car


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                    To get it to start automatically as soon as power is applied.

                    CMOS --> Chipset -> Onboard Device Config ---> [Restore on AC Power Loss = Power Off / Power On / Last State]

                    Change this to "Power On", save.


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                      Cheers for that.
                      I had seen that setting but not paid it too much attention.. As you still need a method to shut it down.. There is actually a header for reset switch and hard drive led and even though the other 4 pins are unlabelled will take a guess two are power LED and two are power switch..

                      So when my carnetix gets here I will be trying to use those pins to turn it on and off.
                      I also think that another header is a front audio panel header.. Which hopefully works in the same way as the larger zotac board which allows you to reassign analogue out puts so I would have 4 analog ports that I can reassign to give 6 channels out and one in

                      But haven't had much time to research or test any of this


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                        Post the specs of that bad boy. Stress test it, throw it in a shoebox and seal the box up to simulate a car environment. Stress test it while in the box and monitor the heat, system load and fan speeds.


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                          That's a good idea!
                          Any recommendations on free software for doing that? Been a while since I have actually done a stress test.. Is the prime software still a good one? Or CPU z maybe?

                          Although it is most likely going into storage for a month along with most of my stuff for a bit so might be a while before I get to do it


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                            I'm guessing this is the one you got:

                            ZOTAC ZBOX nano AD10
                            Form Factor Mini PC
                            CPU Socket AMD E-350 APU Platform (dual-core) (1.6 GHz)
                            Chipset M1
                            GPU AMD Radeon™ HD 6310
                            Memory Support 1 204-pin DDR3-1066 SODIMM (up to 4GB)
                            Harddrive 2.5“ drive bay
                            Graphics Output 1 DisplayPort / 1 HDMI

                            As for software, try n-tune, available from the Zotac website