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How do you assign buttons on a PS3 controller to use on a PC?

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  • How do you assign buttons on a PS3 controller to use on a PC?

    I recently bought Gears of War for my PC and would like to use my PS3 controller to play it. How do I assign buttons to be used on the PS3 controller. OR, how do I get it to work for Gears of War?

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    Heh wow, welcome to mp3car. This forum is dedicated to putting computers, in cars. While someone here may have an answer for your question, you might be better off asking in a PS3 or Gears of War forum. I'd hate for you to wait around here for an answer when your question may be better answered elsewhere.
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      Hey there,
      Checkout as i was able to use this easily. There are a few modes the controller can work in... Eg, buttons over analog and so on... I dont think it has full support for every function at once.
      There are a few other drivers/app setups around for the PS3 controllers.

      These normally require windows to be reg hacked or to restart in other modes... its been awhile, but first option to look at.
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