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Should rear view cameras be required by law?

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  • Should rear view cameras be required by law?

    Interesting that this is being considered for a law to save 228 people a year in the US. My friends neighbor ran over her own dog, but it seems extreme to make it required by law. What do you guys think?

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    Only if tailgaters are automatically charged with attempted vehicular assault.
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      I think it should be made law for any vehicle in which the driver does not have a clear view behind them through the rear.

      ie Vans, Lorries, Artics, long vehicles like busses, coaches etc.

      Basically any vehicle which could have the sign on the back, "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you".

      It should be advisable for all other vehicles to have one so that the blindspot below the boot is covered for small children and animals.


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        I laughed a bit.

        I wonder how many of those, who are backing up so quickly without looking that they can hit and run over someone to kill them before they can stop, would actually USE such a feature were it included in their cars. I'm willing to bet not many.
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          reverse cameras are cool, but i really don't see a reason for a law requiring them..
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            The lady in the civic that almost backed up over my son and I had no problem looking out her window or using her mirrors. The problem was she wasn't looking.

            The new Camaro now has rear view camera because so many people were complaining about the small window and sales were hurting because of it. So the market is moving in this direction. Forcing cheap cars with adequate window view to add the cost of a rear-view camera by a mandate may price people out of being able to own a car. There are economic consequences to mandates and stuff. Most of the time they are negative consequences...
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              I've had one forever now and i still habitually turn my head back to see where i'm going despite having a better view on my screen right in front of me. I think the IR bumper sensors should be required at minimum, as they are a audio aid which can be utilized with whatever visual aid is your preference
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                I'm with Sonic, I have a rear view camera and I never use it. It pops up every time its in reverse but I still look behind me. Its basically there because I wanted another another cool button to use from Centrafuses main screen, lol. Just like my HD Radio and OBD2. Never use them but in a great while.
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                  I believe if you require a camera just to back a vehicle out of a drive way, Well then you should not be holding a license...
                  Truck drivers/tradies and 4x4's having been driving for years without the need for a extra eye...

                  YES they are handy and useful, But devices like this create lazy drivers who will look at the screen and assume...
                  This stops the driver from turning their head and checking their blind spot .
                  Here in Australia it is illegal to use just a camera for rearview/blindspots when driving as you are required to actually turn and look.

                  So people who dont turn their head around wont also see things to the side of the vehicle....

                  my point,,, a Camera does not show you everything and all it takes is a dirty lense and you then have to look anyway...
                  most i would use it for is backing out of a drive way or grabbing the number plate of the idiot behind me at the traffic lights.
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