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Interference noise from PC

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  • Interference noise from PC

    So I finally had some time to install my carPC today. The install went through ok, and everything is functioning correctly... so far... but I'm getting a lot of noise.
    I've read through some threads, but can't find anyone having the same issue as me.

    Both of my amps are grounded on my negative battery terminal, and the power and ground cables are ran on my passenger side. All audio cables are running on the driverside. PC is in the front, amps are in the rear.

    If I disconnect the audio cables from my PC and plug them into my phone there is no noise... the sound is very clean. So that rules out any cabling/grounding issues.

    The only ground that is/was questionable was the ground for my PC. I temporarily grounded that directly to my battery also, but the noise was still there and just as strong.

    Anyone have any other ideas that I can try?

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    nevermind... bought a Scosche ground loop isolator and allis good

    Click image for larger version

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