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    I am a complete newbie and I hope you're patient...

    I am looking to setup a pc in my car and after browsing through a lot of forums, ive figured out what I want. Now i need to know how to get there.
    I drive an 01 eclipse spyder, and basically what i want is an lcd that would fit in the two standard din's, which has about 7.5' diagonally. Probably want to go with a touchscreen lcd, since i dont want a mouse.
    As for the hardware. Im thinking of a windows box rather than a linux box, mainly for applications sake, since i want to ultimately be able to have anf FM tuner, GPS application and ofcourse the MP3, so winamp, not really looking for gaming.
    I know these are basic questions, but ive seen some really sweet setups by you guys and would like your expertise, in what hardware i should get, complexity of the required setup... and what you think the cost might be.
    Appreciate all your help.

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    For the screen, get one of the ones dscustoms is selling...its a 7inch widescreen with touchscreen. I got mine in the mail yesterday, its so cool.
    Progress here:


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      if you go with a vga screen i'd say your running around $750 min. I've found out though that as you start you want to add more or upgrade so that estimate GROWS quickly
      '98 Explorer Sport (down atm)
      AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
      80% done


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        yep, i agree, $400 on the screen, $120 on the motherboard, $25 for RAM, $50 on a case, $25 in cables (so far), and i still need to get a $120-150 power supply, an amp to hook the system up to, more cables, GPS, OBDII... the list never ends! and once you think you got what you see more you want.
        Progress here:


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          The 7" VGA screen on dscustoms looks pretty good. Two questions about it though. It says its a stand mounted, i want to put it in the dash where my dins are, im assuming thats possible, anyone know if it will fit well in the standard dins, if i use both slots?

          ok so 400 for the lcd
          say about 250 for the pc
          another 50 for the cables
          another 100 for misc stuff...
          so around 800, thats not bad, close to what i was expecting...
          you think its doable.. i need some motivation since this is my first such project... and i havent evern installed anything in my car, except headlamp bulbs...


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            ahh it could fit. You'd have to take some measurements. What you have to do is take the screen out of the enclosure and fab something up to put it in your dash
            '98 Explorer Sport
   (down atm)
            AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
            80% done