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Problem with Intel D2700mud and hibernation

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  • Problem with Intel D2700mud and hibernation

    Hi guys, I have a motherboard Intel D2700 MUD up and I have the windows XP SP3.
    My problem is probably with the drivers of the graphics card, do not let me complete hibernation and here I get this error message;

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    I think you will need to translate the error, for some of us to help you. Just a thought SNO


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      Written this window:

      The device driver'' system compatible with the ACPI Microsoft'' does not allow your computer to go to sleep. Close all the applications and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to update the driver


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        I am getting the same error. The only thing that I can link it to is the video driver. After making various video drivers with the stupid utility, it still gives the error. Cant use hibernate without the driver and MS does not have one. Tried various installs, no devices attached, HD in AHCI and IDE mode...It just must be the video driver. Did you ever get this figured out? I think I am stuck going back to windows 7 but really wanted XP back in my car. Ill tell you that I truly regret buying this MOBO now. Think I just need to buy a different one at this point. Let me know if you got it working.