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Its been a while! I need a few suggestions.

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  • Its been a while! I need a few suggestions.

    Hey all. It has been a few years now since I installed my carpc, my car has been sitting unused for about 2 years now and for some reason the carpc is dead! Anyways this is a good chance to update the carpc since I will be driving my car again.

    My carpc is an atom dual core board(dead), m2 atx(dead) and a laptop hard drive with a liliput VGA screen. I think I was running centrafuse 2 and the pc took about a minute to start up on XPlite. I am looking to replace everything except the screen.

    I dont want an expensive build, I just need it running how it was before I stopped driving the car except I wouldnt mind a faster boot time.

    Which power supply? I need this to turn my amps on too.
    Which motherboard? I need audio outputs for front, rear and sub. Needs VGA output for the screen
    Which hard drive? Is SSD suitable?
    Which software? Windows 7? Are people still using centrafuse or is there something better?
    Bluetooth would be nice but I can always add it on later.
    I never found a decent solution for FM radio, but now we have DAB+ here, is there any plug in and play solution?
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    Hey welcome back to the scene! Mainboard I would recommend gigabyte ga-z77-wifi. Mickz has done some through tests on startup with this board. CPU get what you can afford, i7 is always nice. The board has the extra audio outputs you need and has built-in bluetooth. SSD for sure and a sata-3. Win 7 for this board as most of the drivers are for 7+. The monkeyboard dab+ is your best choice for fm/dab radio and it already has built-in or plugin support on the popular front-ends RR/CF/Freeice/Driveline. power supply I am kinda partial to the dsatx available on the mp3car store. Hope this helps with your new build. SNO


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      Thanks mate you're a ledgend! I think I will need a micro atx board to make it fit (old board was is micro atx)
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        I think you mean mini-itx 7"x7" micro-atx is 9"x7" If you had an atom board it should have been a mini-itx as is the z77n-wifi SNO