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MP3 tagging? I have a Terabyte of mess... help

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  • MP3 tagging? I have a Terabyte of mess... help

    looking for a really easy way to straighten out my MP3 library before I load it into carputer. From what I gather, there are somewhat automated ways to do this using databases and such.

    I gave it an hour's effort with a couple of programs... didn't get any automated help.

    Anyone here an expert on this?


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    I too have tried a few programs that say they do it nice and easy but ending up making more of a mess. I use movie collector for my movies and they have an mp3 collector which I have not tried yet. Good luck SNO


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      I just found something called Jaikoz. The free demo version worked cool (20 songs per run). Trying to get the paid license out of them (unrestricted) waiting... waiting ... waiting... (apparently it inst an automated process).


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        That stinks. I make sure to have correct tag info when I rip the CD. I use MP3tag, but it's not automated. Sorry I can't be more help.


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          I got the license for Jaikoz late the following morning and it has been running for a couple days straight now.

          So far, it has automatically put the "ID3" information (artist, album, track number, song title, year, genre, album cover) into my mp3's. I'm having about a 90-95% success rate with it filling in all that stuff all by itself with no input at all from me.

          Then I had it find and delete duplicate files. It also finds duplicates that are not the same, for instance, file name spelled different, or recorded at a different sampling rate.

          Once I did the ID3 info, I asked it to change the file names to "Artist - Album - Track number - Song Title.mp3"

          After that, I am going to run "MP3GAIN" on the directory to normalize everything to the same level. From what I gather, MP3GAIN does not re-encode anything, it just puts volume offset info in the the ID3 header, which supposedly most modern players attempt to read and adjust based on the offset setting... sort of like manually turning up or down the volume control for each song so you don't have to. I have only played with that briefly so I cant comment on how well it works yet.

          I am putting the entire music collection into one big directory, at least that is my plan right now. With the artist name at the beginning of the file name you can scroll to the artist and album pretty easily.

          If it eventually bothers me for some yet to be perceived reason to have them all in one big directory I can move them back into separate directories by artist pretty quickly the way it is set up. I doubt I would have much need to be manually scrolling thru the list so I cant think of a good reason yet why they need to be separated. While that was convenient when I had untagged and poorly file-named mp3's, I don't think it matters any more.


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            Sounds like a great program. How much did it cost?


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              Hey redheadedrod, wait your turn!

              Sounds like a great program. How much did it cost?

              PS - not that I have a big collection issue which I store by band/album/, but to tag from names - and ESPECIALLY the normalisation - oh yeah!


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       $33 dollars (well worth it, and I don't give that out lightly... I am a lover of free software).

                It does the tagging, naming. It doesn't "tag from names"... it creates the file names from the tags, after it makes the tags. It "magically" makes the tags and finds album covers as well by sampling the audio and looking it up in an online database. It couldn't find a small number of tags for some of my more obscure stuff, but it ran 90-95% success rate. If you have some weird stuff, it will let you manually tag it and then you can upload what you did into the database to help others out.

                The audio level normalization is done by downloaded from Mp3gain was free. There is apparently another program written by someone else with the name "MP3GAIN PRO" that isn't free, so be aware that if they are asking you for money, you probably aren't asking for the right product.
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                  Many thanks Rickk!!!. I presume it's Freeware but I'll figure that out. (I only have 3 paid softwares - ZtreeWin, Ulead VideoStudio, HandyRecovery & a complimentary copy of BigBang's DoubleKillerPro; plus Freeware etc.)
                  And it seems to meet my needs. (Budget too - $33 is over 10% of my weekly gross income!)
                  Alas I disable the typical ripping mp3 "peak normalisation" (peak compression?) because of its attack lag and subsequent decay, and it's track specific - no manual peak or average can be specified.

                  But Jaikoz sounds terrific - especially at only $33. (Yeah. I like free, but I pay for quality when needed!)

                  Thanks again.


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                    OldSpark... I started with about 6000 mp3's...

                    After removing duplicates, and temporarily putting aside the ones that will take some manual effort, I had about 5000 left.

                    Total time invested on my part was maybe about an hour... and much of that was simply watching with fascination as it all happened. I think it took about 4 days (24 hours a day) to process the whole mess. A few hours of that was transferring to a USB3 stick to plug into the TruckPuter.

                    If I had to do that manually... well... it wouldn't have happened.


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                      Very useful metrics! Again, thanks.

                      As to 6,000 - holy interaction!
                      And to reduce that by 1,000...

                      Quick - where's my $33...?

                      Man I love these forums! (Though I am only on 5 public forums of which only 2 are "electrical", but I only chose the best!!)


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                        I loaded the whole list (all in one big directory onto my Truckputer system. I could see the whole list with Windows Explorer.

                        With Centrafuse, I could only see about half the list.

                        I wound up redoing the library with subdirectories by artist rather than putting them all in one big directory.

                        At first it didnt seem to make any difference, but I think I had to delete the original directory and then reload it. After some random clicking I believe that is what I did.

                        Anyway, all my stuff became visible thru Centrafuse. I am guessing there is some sort of limit as to the number of items in a single directory in Centrfuse (2000 or so)? That's just a guess at this point, but now that I have all the sub-directories it all works well.