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Looking for a good front end - Suggestions (iPhone compatible)

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  • Looking for a good front end - Suggestions (iPhone compatible)

    My cross post from Centrafuse's Fluxmedia forum:

    I remember reading that CF was giving up on the iPhone connectivity and it seems either CF or Bluesoleil has failed to create something stable. CF blames BS and BS blames CF. Either way, I'm not happy. I rarely pay for software, and I actually paid the money to buy CF w/ the GPS engine and this is the kind of support we get. Lousy!
    Overall, I like the appearance and navigation of the software, but when my iPhone connects about 25% of the time and I must CHANGE maps when choosing a destination out of state, I can say I am pretty annoyed. I didn't have to do that with iGuidance or a Garmin, so why should I with this? I went through the effort of cleanly mounting a high quality microphone that cancels out the echo and I still find myself using a BT headset more than anything.

    Does anyone have suggestions for an alternative piece of software for CarPC integration? All I want is my damn iPhone to connect (for God's sake, its the most popular phone in the world!) without having to cross my fingers and wish. I definitely feel I've (we've) been ripped off.
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    You could try Driveline, phone support worked before with winmo and droid phones. It still uses blue solei but I think Clockwork used a different method . Just a suggestion SNO


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      Thanks. It's worth a try. Very disappointed with CF.


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        You can get the most current version on Clockworks personal site. SNO