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  • This Looks Interesting,....

    Hmmm,....... Found this little tidbit.

    What is everyone's opinion here on this cloud tech, very promising or hogwash.

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    I wonder what they mean by "branding"? Is it app ownership, or merely the flavors - whether one covers all models (flavors) under that brand, or each model has its own?
    The later question of "who OWNS the customer?" has related connotations.

    Of course there are those that already listen to music seamlessly from the shower to car with maybe a aux cable plug in (not plugin) for those without a bluetooth HU etc. They may not even be traceable by tracking systems.

    Obviously the program host sees nothing wrong with trusting the cloud with your information or its backup. As a backup strategy, I would still have my own independent backup. As to even letting the cloud see my data - that's another issue!
    Some might argue that seeing playlists isn't an issue, but I think of the Memphis Three and similar cases....

    I don't mind any such system as long as it can be turned off. I have the same attitude to automated wipers, headlights, ABS, CAN security, etc.
    BUT IMO therefore - and for those that reject Big Brother systems - there will be local alternatives to what they are discussing. They will not capture the entire market.

    In many ways I do not see the big deal with what they are discussing. IMO it's only the issue of having a standard or universal plug&play system that is available to all (and that's an unenviable jobs!).