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New relay switching needs

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  • New relay switching needs

    I think this is the last thing i have to do with the computer that is anywhere near complicated. Here is my setup.

    1/ I have the joycon exr and resister with my 3pt steering wheel control that i want to operate both computer and car.
    2/ I have a setup that switches my nav screen between my car and computer.
    3/ I have a 8pt relay and also have a complicated car switch that looks like a 8pt relay, but Ive only been able to figure out the connections to use it as a simple switch.

    How do I put this together to only use the one switch, or is there a bigger more "complicated" relay that I need to get. The way I've figured seems way more complicated than it needs to be. Thanks.
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    I think I figured out what I need, I'll post my thinking on how it should be wired later. Let me know if I'm on the right track.
    my only problem is the type of connections. I would prefer connections like this:


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      OK this is what I came up with. Please let me know if it is correct, and where specifically I can get the relay I need. Also, will this relay change the resistance at all? I don't want to mess with the signal going to the head unit.
      My current button specs are:
      990-1030 ohms
      323-337 ohms
      108-112 ohms
      0 ohms
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