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USB 3.0 slow boot up with Windows 7

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  • USB 3.0 slow boot up with Windows 7

    I have an ASROCK 970 Extreme3 Motherboard which supports USB 3.0 That is in the rear of the car. I used to have a USB 2.0 hub up front in the dash, keyword, used to. Anyway that took a dive and I replaced it with a usb3.0 Ankler hub. After enabling USB 3.0 on the motherboard and having the appropriate drivers, the windows boot time increased dramatically!

    I wound up flashing the bios on the board, and reinstalling windows with all updates and re-rigging my carpc setup. From the first fan spin up to the clear bells of centrafuse playing, I was looking at a 38 second cold boot time. Now I plug in my 3.0 hub, and that time increases to 50 seconds. Plug in some devices (2.0 devices) and the time is up to 1m 25s. Mind you I have about 10 other USB devices and another USB 2.0 hub in the car and different configurations of those affect boot time by mere seconds.

    So, is this relatively normal? Does anyone else use USB 3.0 and windows 7 and experience slow boot times? The closed I find on google is USB 3.0 hard drives causing slow boots, irrelevant, I've tried those solutions too to no avail.

    It's kinda funny, that plugging in the usb hub after windows has boot hinders the system for a moment when it initialized, but if left in for boot it nearly triples the boot time... So I was thinking of a solution of using a watchdog timer for the windows bootup, once done it powers up a pair of DPST relays that attaches 12V hub power and USB power to the hub. (I figure if the hub doesn't have any power then it can't pull any of the D+/D-/whateverelseusb3.0has high or low, and the host will continue to pull down the inputs. Effectively making no hub pressent until the machine is booted.

    Any input is appreciated, thanks!
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