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And time marches on...but not WinAMP

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  • And time marches on...but not WinAMP

    So there's this....

    Makes me wonder what that bodes for ShoutCast?

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    Nevermind..I read the original and it looks like ShoutCast is dead on December 20th, too. THAT sucks!


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      I could see this happening with android should google corporate heads make that type of decision. A company that makes an OS and is their bread and butter would never make that move. SNO


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        If the last 15 years have taught us anything, it's "never say never". It's quite likely that Microsoft is going to go through some dramatic re-structuring in the next 2-3 years, and Google is notorious for putting APIs out in beta for a few years, then unceremoniously dumping them with very little notice. I don't have the kind of bandwidth to support something as big as ShoutCast, but it's something I'd certainly be interested in if it was possible. There is some really neat stuff out there in the wilds of Internet Radio. I think the new kids (TuneIn, IHeartRadio) kind of got the jump on them in the mobile platform space and they just never quite recovered. The other problem, is that once NullSoft got absorbed by AOL, its financial future was pegged to that of its other words, doomed.


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          I have been using Winamp for the last 15 years, ever since I first heard of MP3's and Napster. I have Winamp on all my computers and Android devices. And I even paid for it, although it is pretty cheap anyways. $20 for computer and $5 for Android.

          Now what am I going to do when I upgrade my phone... Won't be a Winamp Pro to download. I just downloaded the final versions, including the portable versions, which should work for years to come.