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Picture in picture, a good idea or not?

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  • Picture in picture, a good idea or not?

    Do you think a picture in picture display, as posted below is a good idea in cars?
    A small picture playing a movie or even a dash cam pointing to the road ahead.

    do you think it cause safety concerns or does it improve safety?

    Click image for larger version

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    There is going to be lag so i would say its not safe.


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      It's illegal in Melbourne/Victoria (except for passengers) so why bother?

      And I would ask HOW would it or could it improve safety?


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        whats illegal? to have dash cams?
        i don't think so, as there are some commercially available drive recorders for security and safety. mainly used in logistics and transportation industry.

        like a reverse cam, depending on the position of the camera you can see angles/blind spots that you would otherwise have trouble seeing.
        some cars even put them under the side mirrors for parking assist...
        the reverse cam is also good at seeing whats around the corner faster because of its position, the same principle can be applied for other cameras
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          there is minimal lag, if any and im in a slow atom 1.6ghz. my system has low footprint.


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            So you are talking about OEM equipment (hence legal).

            So again I'll ask how would it enhance or approve safety, else provide an example of how you would apply it.
            The example pic you give is obviously illegal, and it does NOT enhance safety.

            And don't forget, roundabouts are NOT "give way to the right"!!!


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              roundabouts, its about time you get over (around) them, everybody else has.

              There are "commercially available" prods, hence outside OEM. Look up drive recorders..etc

              ....also if its available to car manufactures to install, its not 100% illegal, it just means it is regulated not restricted.
              get it right.
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                Cool. So your're not one of the majority that misunderstands roundabouts, and like me you have to put up with idiots that stop in front of you, moronic phone legislation, and "taking off 5".

                Commercially available does not mean legal, nor does it mean legal for the driver to view. Look up legislation. Hence why I ask for you to give an example or application.
                Drive recorders are usually there for recording and not to view. Is your pic from a drive recorder?

                Being available on OEM does not mean it's legal to install. EG - convex mirrors last century, HIDs and driver viewable entertainment this century.

                If you don't have a specific example or application in mind, or cannot answer HOW PIP is supposed to enhance safety, then I apologise for reading more into your OP and my answer is that I think it causes safety concerns (as DarquePervert suggested in your duplicate post).


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                  im looking into the same thing. but what i want to do is record video from two cameras. main view of front of car and small view of rear of car. or even side by side. im researching either building a 2din carpc or buying one from e3io and would like to be able to set up a pip camera setup to record when the ignition comes on or when ever i want it to record with the ignition off. if i would have to have a separate device to record to i could do that to but id prefer to have it on my carpc.