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  • screen location idea

    so im just about set to do my install. 7" screen
    going into a 306 with a dash looking like so

    i will not use a flip up screen but i want it to look very oem at first glance.

    i was thinking about maybe a sunvisor mounted vga touch screen.
    has it been done?

    i wasnt sure weather to look for some sunvisor monitors and changed the internals or cut up an oe sunvisor and fit in into that. i prefer the oe idea to keep the car looking standard.

    any ideas or points into the right direction? cheers

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    What is down here? Click image for larger version

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    any room in this area to install monitor. I think the problem with sunvisor monitor is firstly it would be a pain in the *** to use on a regular basis and might be dangerous looking up/hands up. secondly you might have a hard time finding a suitable monitor for area that has vga/hdmi. Just my opinion only, Good luck SNO


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      down at the bottom has been done how ever i think the sun will effect it in a bad way.
      it looks really good and as close to oem as i think you could get though.

      the sunvisor i thought as when its down i am more or less looking directly at it.

      the other place for it would be to move the upper vents and head unit.

      but neither have the sort of finish i would be happy with


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        Well I do like the look of the monitor down in the console over the relocation of vents. Maybe source a visor at the wreaking yard and do a trial run to see how it is when driving and its practicality, at least then you have the other options should it not work out. SNO


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          That was my first thought how ever location would depend on the screen i bought.

          centre or bottom and i would buy the following screen.

          how ever if i was to hit the sunvisor route i would go for


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            only 30 pounds differance in price how ever the more expensive, first one is located in the uk so i would recieve it alot quicker than if i bought the second one from china


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              I've got a flip out monitor in my Peugeot 306. I know it's a little late and all....but if your still interested, I can pop a few pics up!