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    In a nutshell our project's ambition is to accelerate the development of the 'Internet of cars' - so that anyone with basic skills can create car connected apps. By which I mean apps that can use the data from the car's network to make driving smarter and safer (and more fun)

    To achieve this we've been working for a couple of years on the prototype, Open API and the cloud-services needed to make this happen and lately designing the commercial the hardware (render):

    I know there have been various projects looking at solving this problem and it would be great to get expert feedback or recommendations on this one!

    We have three main goals for this project:

    Support multiple devices and multiple apps on multiple platforms - simultaneously.
    It's fairly ridiculous having a single adapter in your OBDII port which can only do one thing or only be able to run one app at one time. You should be able to access the apps on each platform from within the car - iOS, 'Droid, Windows. And then...

    Delocalise the data, bring it to the cloud.
    You should be able to store your data, stream it anywhere, retrieve it when you want. Once the car is represented on the cloud the possibilities increase massively - even congestion control, collision avoidance. At this point people often start to worry about privacy and data mining. This leads to the next point.

    Security - protect sensitive data at source and protect the car's network from hackers.
    Private data should remain private - you don't need the NSA revalations to tell you that. Broadcasting on open networks is bad, worse still is allowing others unrestricted access to you CANbus; car hacking may sound futuristic but is going to be a real threat.

    We've been working on this for a couple of years now and there's still a huge amount of work to do. Question is - do you guys think we're on the right track?


    I know there are not many details here. To save typing out an essay there is more information on the link below:

    Please note - The adaptor is NOT available for sale. (We will launch a crowdfunding soon)
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