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Orion AVR6.1 - Can I replace the software with something else?

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  • Orion AVR6.1 - Can I replace the software with something else?

    Hi all,

    I have the Orion AVR6.1

    It was going well for the first 12 months, now it is plagued with problems - iPhone not connecting, USB constantly dropping, bluetooth not working etc.

    After slapping myself for spending almost $2K on this unit (the only unit with DAB+ in Australia at the time), I wondered instead of throwing it away, can I try and replace the front end software with something like Centrafuse or Riderunner?

    I built a Car PC several years ago so I have basic knowledge - the thing I'm not sure about is how to go about the installation process, how do I access windows CE?

    Has anybody had any luck replacing a factory front-end with an after market one?


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    That unit runs winCE 6, you are stuck with what you got for a front end. CF did have a alpha build for ce but was very early development. RR is windows full version only as far as I know and Driveline is windows full version only. Maybe time to upgrade to a real carputer using the standardized hardware that those front ends support, like using the monkeyboard DAB+/FM radio. I you need more recommendations just ask. Good luck SNO


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      Thanks SNOtwistR, appreciate the feedback. It's a shame that this unit failed - time to look at other options like you said.

      Thinking 100% solid-state Windows tablet setup



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        But if you have the time look around for wisbar advanced desktop from lakeridge. i know that lakeridge no more exists but i am keep using the products until today.

        this is only if you can access windows mobile ce .
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