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  • Stencil

    Ok, this question is so simple, I must be stupidly overlooking this or over complicating this.
    I have two stock buttons in my car I'm reappropriating for other functions for my set up. So I'm masking the marking currently on the button. But now I need to put new labels on it. One button is the power to the computer, and the other flips the feed to the factory screen between my computer and car. The button measures 31X16mm and the label will be about 10X16mm. I thought about stickers but felt it might look a bit cheesy.
    So my thought now is to buy a stencil or create a stencil. I've looked all over and can't find any stencils this size. So on to creating one. How? When I think about it, I feel I have to buy tape that wont bleed when i paint over it and a razor thats super sharp at the tip. However, I can't figure what tape or what razor without an ordeal of trial and error. Biggest worry also the razor cleanly cutting through whatever tape without giving me a hastle of separating the tape from the backing before time. Soooooooo, snap help?

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    My thoughts are go to a vinyl sign shop and get a small piece in the colour you want, then art supply store for a nice pointed exacto knife, like what the sign maker would use to weed the signs he makes. I have a few colours here if you wanted a piece 3"x8" (that size will fit in a regular envelope). I have white, red, 2 shades of blue, purple, orange, brown, yellow, burgandy, 2 shades of green and black. Let me know if any of those colours will help and PM me your address. Hope this helps SNO


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      Wait, I don't really understand, unless I have the terminology wrong. Wouldn't a stencil be a pattern or something cut an "A" in the middle of a piece of tape...And then paint over the tape as a whole? Then when I remove the tape I have a letter "A" in the color of whatever paint I chose on top of the button.
      Or your saying go with something different all together? Design something, and stick it to the button.


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        Actually either way, the vinyl is very thin so you could use as a stencil or use it as the actual lettering, on the plus side it has very good adhesive as well should you go the later of the 2. Hope that clears up my thinking SNO


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          The vinyl as a sticker, for now at least, doesn't appeal to me. If however I use it as a stencil, isn't the glue on it stickier than tape? So won't pealing it up after the painting cause some issues?


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            I think it will be fine for painting and removing. Again just my suggestion only. SNO