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MS Concept -> Windows/Windows Phone in the car?

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  • MS Concept -> Windows/Windows Phone in the car?

    I carry with me a WP (Windows Phone) these days. Thus, I keep tabs on the windows side of the phone forums. Saw this piece today and thought I'd post it here. Currently they say they use MirrorLink, but want to get into embedded systems....

    I wonder if they can keep interest on this if it might gain some momentum. While I'm indifferent on Window 8/8.1 still, I'm beginning to like it more and more. On the phone side, I enjoyed tweaking my android, but I don't feel compelled to tweak the WP. It feels a lot more polished than the android. I'm intrigued at what they might open up from others on the car front. Competition is always good!
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    Plus adding this to the mix too.

    A excellent hands free,...... and this may be even better to use in a car then Sirri that I can see.


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      Think on this....

      Microsoft already partners with Ford for their MyFordTouch system (which, apparently sucks).
      I would expect that they could easily port the phone interface into a form factor that could easily be sold to OEMs for automotive use.

      One OEM is partnered w/ Blackberry to use QNEX as the foundation for an in car system.

      Apple and android both have their fingers in the pie.

      Watch. This market is about to explode!
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        QNX is the actual software model. Blackberry bought QNX from the makers.

        The majority of stuff out there now is either running off QNX or a modified version of Linux.

        QNX is the only real time OS out there so it is being used in dashes and such. I believe I read somewhere that the dash in a Dodge Dart was running QNX. If you go to QNX's web site there is a huge ready made application for OEM's to go with QNX in their cars. It has a crap load of options available and since it has been expanded to the Blackberry 10 compatible system it can also run Android Apps as well.



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          1. There are no "real-time" infotainment systems, nor is there any need for one. These system are for information display and user interaction, not system operations.
          2. The primary "driver" for OEM system preference is cost/profit. What cost me the least to develop, produce and support. What makes me the most in initial markup and MUCH more importantly these days, long term service contracts. The financial model for in-car infotainment is cable TV. Provide a simple to use package of basic services in the initial purchase, then tie in "premium" services on a contracted subscription basis.
          3. Leaving the brand value out of the picture, QNX is one of any number of practical, fast to market options.
          4. The actual OS software is of almost zero significance unless it can be proven to drive sales. Enter the "Big 3". Google (Android), Apple and Microsoft can do that. I agree that nobody buys a car because it has this or that OS on the center stack, but when it comes down to "up selling" to the next-higher model (with higher margins), featuring a name-brand OS just might make the difference.
          5. QNX is unknown outside the industry, and the cost to make it valuable in the way that Google, Microsoft and Apple are valuable is simple not realistic. Once the "names" enter the market in a significant manner, nobody else gets to play. It's bad enough when there's one 800lb gorilla in the room. It's suicide with 3.

          Yes, this market is ready to explode. It will be interesting to see who gets hit by the shrapnel.