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  • Bye, & thanks for the fish!

    Sorry to be a female canine, but this seems important enough to others....
    And I can often misread or misunderstand things and (therefore) proceed down the wrong track.

    Tho this issue was to go to the moderator(s), I too think it is time for third party opinion. All I see is another barrage of misunderstood opinion with no response to questions etc etc.

    IMO a classic example is the following which seems to have since been deleted: (Names may have been changed..)

    Originally posted by CrowingRussell
    Wow OS.. Are you that oblivious to reality? When is the last posting the OP has left? How is this on topic?

    You forget the emails you have sent me laughing about being banned from the forums or how you enjoy chasing people off the system? I may still have them around here...

    For the rest.. I am done with this after this message. I am not going to waste any more of my time arguing with you. And just because I don't respond to something doesn't mean I agree. Just means it isn't worth my time.

    Never said RAID would solve a boot freeze problem. I only said a mirrored drive would be less likely to be corrupt after such events. This discussion on RAID has been you attacking my information and experience and has absolutely nothing to do with the original posters problem. I stated a fact and you keep bashing the details as if they mattered. NOTHING you have said challenges the fact that a Mirrored Raid drive setup is more robust than a single drive for all purposes which was the point I was making in the first place. And as your typical MO with me, or anyone else trying to help, you also have been trying to push my buttons to get into an argument. It is sad that your life sucks so bad that you have to try to get me or others into an argument so that you can feel better about yourself. It would at least be beneficial if you stayed on topic, waited for the OP to respond and actually make sure the information you provide helps out the OP instead of attacking someone trying to provide help.

    The key is "You forget the emails you have sent me laughing about being banned from the forums or how you enjoy chasing people off the system?". That's good because those emails will still be available. I doubt that wrote I have been banned from any forum because I never have. However maybe I was trying to make some point or being loose with words if I did write that.
    However that was the response to my...
    Originally posted by OldSpark View Post
    And what's this "ban me again"? I have never been banned from this forum, nor from any other forum.
    ... which is a statement of fact on its own.
    I understand the possible confusion if I said otherwise in any PMs - or emails - and that's where I'm hoping my accuser will produce the emails in question. I'd look thru my PMs but I have to pack for an outing, but I can look upon my return...

    To me this fits in with transference & projection behaviours that I have seen all too often from certain people. And....
    Originally posted by redheadedrod View Post
    I just removed all my posting about RAID since it is apparent...
    fits in with that. (Some may recall my early experiences with someone hereon that made a big song an dance about needing to put a capacitor across a PWM signal (to dim LEDs) etc and went into personal attack mode before then deleting his technically errored and incriminating posts?)

    And that's where I am interested in other opinions. Is my expression or attitude so bad I should stop? Or is it as I see it - the accuser is describing me with the behaviour that they themselves are showing? (And that I have a somewhat psstoff attitude at times.)
    I'm not that interested in the obvious contradictions - like not going to waste any more time arguing, but then does. (That's pretty consistent. If their subsequent reply had nothing on the matter, I probably would not respond.)

    This particular example thread is here for those interested.
    And I can supply a copy of the pre-deleted thread if that's necessary (I haven't checked what was deleted.)

    Sorry if this inappropriate or I've gone off half cocked - I'll put that down to time pressures.
    But at least if I have misunderstood, I have committed for the world to see. (And many know - I never(?) delete my replies - I'll strikethru else make updates obvious. It's not only that I like traceability, I also don't mind my mistakes For The Record.)

    So, any opinions? Feedback?

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    I appreciate the in-depth answers you provide, sometimes they are alittle long in the tooth but very informative. Forums are always difficult to satisfy everyone with different cultures and different levels of humor as well as translations. Keep up the great work OldSpark! SNO


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      Upon review, I have decided to depart

      Any unfinished stuff might be tackled before I finally burn, but otherwise I'm still on

      Thanks to the many experienced & experts hereon for providing such excellent help to others.
      Thanks too for the recent comments on the jpegs.

      Best wishes,



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        I am sorry to hear this news, as far as I am concerned you will be greatly missed. I know where to find you if I need your help and thanks for your past help. I will also keep your email handy. Good luck in the future SNO


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          +1 for what Sno said...also thanks for getting me onto the12volt its amazingly helpfull.
          Might see you there


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            Hi Peter, I'm sure you know my feelings on most forums, a shame, as life experience with valuable insight are hard to find these days. Making us think is what gives us knowledge.

            Best wishes
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              man i dont know you ( though i read the post you are referring nad have an option ) but i kind missing you already. things like this happen all the time in the net. and i can understand that you are not feeling good be here ( in the forum ) but it would be good if you consider staying.

              i am not on the easy solutions so please give ur anger some honey and stay with us. after all a problem with a user is not a problem with the the whole forum. if not i ll have to sign in in 12v and hunt you there too.....! so ur best bet to keep persons like me away from 12v is to stay here...
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                Thanks HappyFeet, but it's not anger... it was that I had caused so much angst to so many people. I'm into preventing and solving problems so finding that I'm causing them means I don't belong.
                Besides, there haven't been any new (power or logic) situations recently and most have been repeats of earlier threads.
                Tho the12volt has less of the 08M2 etc stuff, it still caters for those that do NOT want parallel battery setups that require dual pole isolation - ie, like most here that merely want an independent supply for PCs & audio etc.

                Thanks all!


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                  Bye, & thanks for the fish!

                  Originally posted by OldSpark View Post
                  it was that I had caused so much angst to so many people.
                  Man, I didn't see that, I saw one obvious tiff with one other member but missed the rest I guess. That's the problem sometimes with non face to face communication, it's sometimes hard to see what the other person's real intent of their words was. Regardless, I respect your knowledge and what you were offering here but I also respect your choice to move on. Take care kind sir and don't think this means we wouldn't welcome seeing you post here in the future. I might see you over at the 12v in the future, I am a member there and do stop in from time to time. All the best to you!
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                    That's a shame, so many people here that seem to know everything, and one of the extremely few that actually constantly help no matter how "mundane" is leaving. Sorry to see helpful knowledge depart.


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                      Man, I'm sorry to hear this OldSpark. For what it's worth, had the thread been reported to mods and I was the one to review it I would have been on your side. You stayed very cool and collective while redheadedrod resorted to some slightly personal attacks and general bad attitude. I've gone through and read the deleted posts. Why he continued to push a topic that had no relevance I can't seem to understand.

                      Going to miss you around here, but it's about typical. The community here isn't what it used to be. I can't believe that most days there are only around 10 new posts or so. It's nuts.

                      Try RevFE
                      The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                        Well at last, I finally dumped my mailbox. Amazing what getting a life can do eh? :wink:

                        Thanks Tiddler. You're not the only one with such views. Many pointed out deletions other than mere RAID references, but that was expected.
                        And no reports of alleged angst from others (well, not because of me anyhow!) but rather the opposite - a recognition of just how wrong "a certain person whom I won't name" (if I may use a line by that person) is; how they don't read nor understand; and that I am the only one to consistently try to correct or educate and solve the issue(s). (That others saw that was a relief for me, tho I do wonder about new readers.) And they too thought I was rather cool and collected...

                        Normally I'd be quite concerned about issues like this - is it misunderstanding, ignorance, or intended deceit? It seems deceit is supported by the aforementioned deletions.
                        And then the idle threats... (LOL!)
                        But the comments from others mitigated my concerns, and maybe such mistakes won't be repeat. (Maybe such people can learn!)
                        And I haven't seen any of the old "you can't connect batteries..." (or only use a single-pole isolator etc) recently - eg, the recent Battery Isolator Question thread.

                        That Battery Isolator Question thread also also indirectly gives me reason to depart. Answers are already out there yet no one finds nor quotes them. In that case it means people still buy overpriced "smart" battery isolators - even without their former false advertising. My point being that I tend not to merely supply the fish...
                        [ PhilG - it depends on the isolator but the one mentioned will probably only bleed off surface charge. And all voltage sensing isolators by default isolate as soon as there is a drop in voltage below their "minimum connected" voltage - that is a requirement of their operation except where deliberate connection is desired below 12.7V or 13.2V or 12.5V ot 10.6V or whatever disconnect voltage applies. Of course the cheaper $3-$25 (DIY?) automated battery isolators don't have such problems. ]

                        I think the only other new thread (since I last wrote) suited to my input had to do with raising the voltage of an alternator, and testing of a battery. I have also answered similar various times... in fact didn't I mention the old $42 eBay version of my 5c solution? (Or 10c for redundancy and or reversibility. There are now a few variants selling for $50 each + P&P, but of course they do <whatever bullsh> they purport to do....)
                        Oh - there was also a lack of separation stereo separation thread... Apart from the obvious, I was going to suggest reversing one speaker's phasing.

                        But there aren't that many threads for me any more, and the few that are are merely repeats of old info (tho I admit that newer info or developments may improve a few of my replies).

                        Anyhow, I still have to close a few open PMs, but I truly thought I'd have done with the lot a few days after my last reply - not 5 weeks!
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