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    I'm looking for a software that will allow me to write what I want to a text box like the new Audi cars. Win7 has something called "tablet pc input panel", but I don't like how it works and how it spreads across the screen. I want something that's smaller where you enter one letter at a time. Any ideas? Or how hard is something like that to code?

    Also, what would be the proper search term for this?

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    On the windows mobile software ( 5-6.5 ) this is called block recognizer and letter recognizer. All of my devices had that option . i ve never see anyone using it though that includes me .

    handwritten software 6.000.000

    handwritten recognition software 12.000.000

    i would go on the first option for faster result....
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      They used to call that OCR for optical character recognition, but I have researched it.


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        The problem with OCR is when you do a search based on that, or a lot of searches on writing recognition come back, they are softwares that actually analyze handwritten text and convert them to editable text. That's what has me stuck. I was thinking of coding this myself, but I can't find a good/detailed reference point or object engine to work from. So I'm still searching for a software.


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          I found a windows object, InkEdit, that I was able to write a small app from. The problem is it works fine with the touchscreen, but with the ergonomic touchpad...which is what I'll usually be using...there is a huge lag when writing a letter which seems to cause the writing not to register. Then if i go into a paint application in windows, there is no lag. Any ideas how to fix this? Otherwise I'd have to search for an actual program.