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Is there any way to get Centrafuse working with Toyota K+Can (not OBD2 compatible)?

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  • Is there any way to get Centrafuse working with Toyota K+Can (not OBD2 compatible)?

    Hi guys,

    I have been searching for some time to try find an interface with would work with my Toyota Hilux (Argentina). I tried a number of ELM327 interfaces which did not work, eventually only a few months ago I found what I needed to get some data back from the Toyota's ECU here (

    It comes with some software called "TOYOTA K+CAN Commander 2.0" - it can read in data, but it can't seem to do real time reading, by that I mean auto refresh and poll new data every few seconds, it does it once and displays the info, which for my purposes it any good.

    I am now trying to find what alternatives I have to the limited software it comes with... something like Torque Pro, however that is only for ODB2. My main goal is to get it working with Centrafuse, but I would be happy if I could just load an external app with Apploader inside centrafuse if it comes to that.

    Then I thought that there might be a proxy type gateway software out that that could poll k+can and output OBD2 to fool centrafuse into thinking it had a compatible OBD2 device, no luck there

    Finding a k+can compatible alternative to Torque Pro is turning out harder than I ever imagined. That is why I came here, hoping that someone may have found an answer, work around or something, and can help shed some light on the matter.

    All I want to accomplish is to be able to get more stats from the ECU then the Hilux dash does (which is practically nothing), like Fuel consumption / Air temp / Revs and Speed etc...

    Any advice would be great!


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    Bump.... Nobody?


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      Bump..... anybody?


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        Think you would have to write your own plugin.i believe the old one is somwhat limited..but if you found a toyota specific program you could always embed it and use it within CF.


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          Never heard of that protocol. Camo.b is right though, that's something you'd have to write yourself or find an app and embed.


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            That's what I thought, but it was worth the try, thanks to both of you for answering. If I manage to make progress, I'll re post in the hope it might help it someone else in my position. Or I'll just buy an Australia ECU for my truck this OBDII compatible. Crazy eh?
            Again, thanks guys... cheers.


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              What year is year hilux...?is it a early one?


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                2005. Hilux SRV