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using USB storage in DOS

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  • using USB storage in DOS


    Im perfecting my home player which is running MPXPLAY, and was just wondering,

    Does anyone know if those little USB pen/keyring drives are usable in DOS?

    most of the resources ive seen on the net say Win98 or later only, I was wondering if theres some kind of workaround at all.

    I found this link which is for using Panasonic USB CD drives in DOS, although the docs are partially in Japanese,

    I tried it with my sensible computer AMD Duron 1000 with my Samsung digital camera as it acts as a kind of generic storage device. It just freezes.

    Maybe someone here with better knowledge of DOS (and Japanese?) could hack or modify this driver?

    If it were possible, using those solid-state USB sticks in DOS, would be enormously useful, especially to embedded computer markets.

    Hope Im not mentioning something discussed loads of times before, I did a search but found nothing obvious. Ive only been an occasional member of this site.